Does sin only lure you to sin? No, it also tries to convince you it's not a sin.~Pastor Vincent~


  • Campus Sessions: Receive The Heart Of God Through His Word

    When we restore God's heart, we will be clearer of His will, empowered to do it, and bear fruits in Him.


  • Why Is My Suffering Getting Worse?

    Religion, ethics and morality only provide us with ways to relieve suffering on the human level, such as doing good and engaging in spiritual practice. But they cannot point us to eternal hope in our suffering. Only the Bible can help us to


  • Excuse me? Excuse sins?

    Though it is easy to mouth our apologies to others or God after we have sinned, we know deep in our hearts that there is a lot of rationalising taking place, which will leave room for future re-offending. Hence, it is important for us to kn


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