The Law is good yet it doesn’t have the function to deal with the sinful nature. It can present a perfect standard but it cannot change the heart to reach that standard. Only Grace is designed to deal with sin.~Pastor Vincent~


  • Actually, all we have is Jesus.

    This Christmas season, let us be reminded again that above all the things of the world that is temporal and perishable, it is the Lord, and only the Lord, that we will be with us eternally.


  • Sitting Opposite The Tomb…

    No one likes to wait or be in despair. But despite the hopelessness associated with the tomb, what seems to be the dead end of man can actually be the beginning of God's glory and power.


  • The Crucifixion And Me

    Jesus' death on the cross, together with His subsequent resurrection, is the climax of human history. But what has it got to do with me? How can it impact me?


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