You can lose courage but do not be discouraged, because if God never ceases to exist, hope still exists.~Pastor Vincent~


  • Children’s Thematic Message 4: My Feelings And Me

    Children will learn that the feelings within them are created by God, but not to be influenced by the evil one. Their feelings, when verified through the word of God, will help them to be strong at heart by thinking and making the right jud


  • Holy Saturday 2018: The Stupidity Of Believing Our Hearts

    We sense everything with our hearts, but the amazing thing is we could never sense the error of our hearts. There is something so intricate about the human hearts that only the truth of God can reveal.


  • Rejected Yet Precious

    God promises that "the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame". As we approach Good Friday and Easter, let us ponder on the redemption brought by Christ's self-sacrifice, and turn our hearts to Him.


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