Pastor Vincent - 27 November 2016

5. Beautiful Mess

Fifth message shared at USA TBR Conference 2016

From Series: "USA TBR Conference"

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TBR Conference 2016 (Washington D.C.) Message 5: Beautiful Mess <2Ti 3:10-14> <2Ti 4:2-3,9-13,16-18>

How can we be made strong? The grace and truth of God is not a sugarcoat to the battlefield reality on earth. Can you hear the mocking sound from the world when you struggle and compromise between a tour and a conference? Can you see the whole world wounded as a result of thinking of themselves only? The fields we are in – church and the world – there is sin, helplessness and wounds. To win the prize, we have to become strong as acceptance does not come so easily. You might have to come to terms with lower grades for your children. Intentional evangelism would mean a reality of people challenging us. But through it, Important doors will open up. The full gospel will stand the test of time. Confirm and preach the gospel over and over again till you are convinced that God is Almighty.

This boils down to the need to know where the issues of those who do not accept your pastoring come from. We cannot paint everything with a broad brush. There has to be careful instruction and prayers to go through together. The ministry can be a hurried mess, but we would have the guaranteed promise of the Lord rescuing us from every evil deed.

So now, with the prayers of the people at the back, we have a blessed environment, but one where we can be brought to a total reliance to God alone. That is the time when we need to realise individual roles and the taking up of responsibilities for pastoring and building up a young people church. Being brought to that, you will realise we have to be prepared to stand up to your faith. You have to be put in that critical situation, then you will be provoked to think and pray. Continuance to preach is the oldest strategy, but by far, is the most effective strategy. Gradually, when people come together to talk about the gospel and outreach of love, the godly culture then arises.



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