Preacher Huijun - 14 January 2017

Forgiven To Forgive

From Series: "Synoptic Gospels"

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Forgiven To Forgive


In a wounded culture, we inevitably hurt others and got wounded by them. With His unconditional and exceeding grace of forgiveness, God cancels believers’ debts of sin and made us a new creation in Christ. By our old self, we cannot easily forgive others, but by our new self in Christ, we can. God forgives us so that we can forgive others. Only the greatest love of God can pacify our deepest wounds, so that we can even forgive those who sin against us.

Preacher Huijun Lin

Huijun serves as Secretary of The Blessed RUN Ministries. She is also the Preacher at The Life Church and Missions (Singapore). She graduated from Singapore Bible College and currently lives in Singapore with her husband, Chengji.

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