‘Fake Holy’ versus True Obedience

‘Fake Holy’ versus True Obedience

Preacher Huijun - 20 May 2017

'Fake Holy' versus True Obedience

From Series: "Synoptic Gospels"

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‘Fake Holy’ versus True Obedience

Worship is at the centre of the Christian life, but only the right form of worship delights God and brings nourishment to our souls. God would not be pleased with a ‘fake holy’ which worships God but misses the essence of His word. The God who “desires mercy, not sacrifice” does not want us to place religious rules and traditions above compassion, for without love, one cannot be more and more like God. The Lord gives us His laws out of His love for us, and our true obedience to His laws demands that we love God and love men. The right worship of God will not only prompt, but also empower, us to love. Thus, we need to succeed in our worship and center our lives on meeting Jesus daily.

Preacher Huijun Lin

Huijun serves as Secretary of The Blessed RUN Ministries. She is also the Preacher at The Life Church and Missions (Singapore). She graduated from Singapore Bible College and currently lives in Singapore with her husband, Chengji.

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