Gospel For Tots Lesson 1 : Is God Real?

Gospel For Tots Lesson 1 : Is God Real?

Is God Real?

Learning Aims:

  • Know God’s creation through the bible (The 6 Days of Creation)
  • Know that God is real since He has created the world we are living in

Verses for the Teacher:

Genesis 1: 1-28 (God’s 6 Days of Creation)

Verse for the Kids:

Genesis 1: 1
“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”


12 small, bright-coloured cards labelled with the word “God”, animal puppet, puppet stand, whiteboard marker, Maker and Item matching cards (4 maker cards, 4 item cards), Blutack/magnets, bible, “Day 1 to 7” label cards, 7 picture cards of “God’s Creation”, big dice, “God’s creation” colouring page, rectangle card stock papers, coloured markers/ colour pencils.

Tuning In Activity

“Where is God?” treasure-hunt activity:

  1. Prior to the lesson, hide a few small, bright-coloured cards with the word “God” around the classroom space (You may hide 10 of the cards at prominent places and 2 of the cards at out-of-reach spaces that children cannot find)
  2. Gather the children and elicit to them that they will be having a Treasure Hunt today- that is to look for “God”.
  3. Show them an example of the bright coloured card with the word “God” and get them to look for it. (Those who have found a card can sit and wait at the assemble area, so that every child has a chance to find a card.)
  4. Activity ends when all the prominent cards are found.
  5. Reveal the other cards that have been out-of-reach or less prominent to the kids, which they have yet to find.
  6. Explain to them that this is what God is like- He can be anywhere, everywhere and a lot of times we do not see Him, but it does not mean He is not real and He is not around.

Main Activity

  1. Ask the children some questions about their appearance that they can see.
    eg. “Who is wearing blue?”, “Who has long hair?”, “Who is wearing spectacles?”, “Who has a hairband on?”, “Who is wearing a watch?”
  2. Acknowledge that they can observe very well as they look at themselves and their friends when the questions are asked.
  3. Take out the hidden puppet, Bubbles, and dramatise this scene.
  4. Prop the puppet on a stand and repeat the key question of the day. Write it on the board, “Is God real?”, for the children to see.
  5. Put up the pictures of different makers (tailor, chef, artist, builder) on the whiteboard with Blutack/magnet and explain each picture to them.
  6. Now, flash out the item pictures to the children (picture of a shirt, picture of a bowl of noodles, art piece with wooden frame, picture of a house) one by one, asking them which one of these makers on the board made the item.
  7. Get volunteers to come up and match the correct maker’s picture on the board to the item picture.
  8. Tell children that everything is made by someone, nothing just pops out of no where. Ask them: “So how about this whole world we are living in, who made all these?”
  9. Remove all the flash cards from the whiteboard.
  10. Bible Time! : Get a volunteer to pick up the class bible and bring it to you.
  11. Tell the children that the bible is a special book that has been around for a long time. It is given by God to us, so that we can know about Him and find answers when we are lost.
  12. Write the word “Create” on the whiteboard and tell the children that the bible tells us clearly that it is God who created the world and because He created this world we live in right now, He must be real!
  13. Elicit that they are going to find out how God created the world in just 6 days.
  14. Put up the Day label cards “Day 1” to “Day 7” on the whiteboard.
  15. Open the bible to Genesis Chapter 1, Verse 1 to 28 and start telling the children each day of what God has created. (Alternatively, place this printed table in the bible and read it for a simpler version for the kids) As you read through from Day 1 to Day 7, display up the Days of Creation picture on the board, under the respective Day label cards.
  16. Take time to go through the picture on the cards and get children to identify the creations (eg. What animals can you see being created on the 6th day?)
  17. After going through the bible verses and showing the pictures, ask the children: do they still see God’s creation right now? (eg. the sun, the animals, the seas, humans) Yes!
  18. Explain to them that:
    – By looking at all God’s creation right now is proving to us that God is real just as the bible of
       true words has said.
    – God is real because He is the creator of all things, including you and me!
    – We cannot see Him because He is not just a thing to be seen. He is always around us, just like
    the wind. We cannot see Him, but we can feel Him if we believe in Him and see how He works
    through different ways to love us, bless us and help us.
  19. Get a big dice and get the children to take turns and roll it. Whatever number is facing up, represents the day of God’s creation and the child has to answer what God has made on that day (eg. if the dice shows 5, what did God create on the fifth day?)  to help them recap on what was taught.
  20. Bring Bubbles the puppet out again and dramatise the closing.


“God’s creation” craft activity:

(printout of “Days of God’s Creation: https://craftingthewordofgod.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/in-the-beginning-bookmark.pdf)

  1. Give out a printout of this “Days of God’s creation” picture to each child.
  2. Get them to colour the pictures for each of the 6 days of God’s creation.
  3. Once done, fold the picture according to the black lines to create an “accordion” fold.
  4. Paste the cover page and back page with rectangle card stock paper.
  5. Get the children to write the title “God’s Creation” on the cover page and write their names on the back page (for younger children, you can help them to write in the title and name).

Take Home Sheet

This Week’s Sunday School…
Is God real?

We learnt that:

  • God is real because He created everything around me!
  • God is the maker of the universe!
  • God made the world in 6 days!

Take Home Questions for the Kids:

  • God created everything. How do you know?
    (Answer: The Word of God- Bible says so.)
  • What did God create on the very first day?
    (Answer: Day and Night)
  • Which day was the man and woman created?
    (Answer: On the 6th Day)
  • Why was nothing created on the 7th day?
    (Answer: God made it a day of rest after all that He has created)

Quote of the Week:
God is the Creator of EVERYTHING!

Miki Terayama

Miki is a ministry staff for The Blessed Run Ministries and serves in the Sunday School as well. She has worked as a preschool teacher for 5 years, and is trained in Early Childhood Education. She is currently residing with her husband, Randy, and her baby girl, Liora, in Singapore.

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