Gospel For Tots Lesson 5 : Praying The Jesus’ Way! (Part 1)

Gospel For Tots Lesson 5 : Praying The Jesus’ Way! (Part 1)

Praying The Jesus Way! (Part 1)

Learning Aims:

  • What not to do when we are praying (reference from Jesus)
  • Learn about The Lord’s Prayer  (first half)

Verse for the Teacher:

Matthew 6: 5- 13

Verse for the Kids:

Matthew 6: 9-13 (ICB version) 


Whiteboard markers, BluTack/ magnets, corded phone (optional), picture of Jesus and disciples, 2 pictures of the “don’ts” of prayer, chart/slide of the Lord’s Prayer, Youtube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlj2vhdwTOA), The Lord’s Prayers 6 phrase cards, the Lord’s prayer bag with 6 visual cards inside, class bible.

Tuning In

  1. Play the game of “Messenger”.
    Explain and demonstrate to the children the rules of the game (line up in a line, first person to think of a phrase and pass a message down to the next, and the message continues to be passed down till the last person who will repeat what they have heard out loud and see if it is the same phrase as the one said by the first person).
  2. Go through a few rounds with different configuration of how children are lined up so everyone has a chance to be the first or last person.
  3. Remind children to whisper when passing the message so others do not hear it.
  4. Make sure the phrases are not too long. Examples of phrases to use:
    – Jesus loves me this I know.
    – God listens to prayers.
    – I am a child of God.

Main Activity

  1. Recap: Ask the children what did they learn last week (answer: praying).
  2. Ask them what is praying. (Answer: Talking to God our Father, through Jesus Christ who died for us and gave us the Holy Spirit).
    – Explain by drawing the prayer triangle on the board.
     – God sent Jesus Christ down to die for us so that those of us who believe in Jesus, will have a special present- the Holy Spirit, which helps us to talk to God through prayers. God is the person we are talking to, Jesus is the telephone and Holy Spirit is the telephone cord (You can use a real cord phone to show the children).
    – Explain that in our Messenger game, we have to go through so many people to pass a message. But with God, we do not need to do that! We can directly talk to God because Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit when we believe in Him to pray to God.
  3. Ask the children, how should we pray (give the children time to respond in their own understanding)?
    – Should we find a quiet place, kneel down and bow our heads to the ground?
    – Should we pray for 30 minutes or 1 hour, then it will be considered as a good prayer?
  4. Show children the picture of Jesus and His disciples. Jesus told His students that there are important things to NOT DO when praying. Flash the 2 picture cards/ powerpoint slides as you go through the points.
    a)  It does not need to be long. Keep it simple and true, from your heart (show the children an example by saying a short prayer).
    b) Do not do it to “show off”. Don’t pray just to SHOW people that you love God. Pray because you really want to and you need God in your life.
  5. Put out the chart/slide of the Lord’s Prayer for the children to see. Tell the kids that Jesus’ students are just like us, they did not know how to pray, so they asked Jesus and Jesus taught them to pray like this, through the Lord’s Prayer. Show them the video on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlj2vhdwTOA), Our Father/ Lord’s Prayer.
  6. Ask the children where do you think we can find the Lord’s Prayer- in the bible! Get a volunteer to bring the class bible to you. Tell them that in Matthew 6: 9-13, Jesus taught us how to pray. Read through the Lord’s Prayer (ICB version) once:Our Father in heaven, we pray that your name will always be kept holy.
    We pray that your kingdom will come.
    We pray that what you want will be done, here on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us the food we need for each day.
    Forgive the sins we have done, just as we have forgiven those who did wrong to us.
    And do not cause us to be tested; but save us from the Evil One.


  • Explain to the children that they are going to learn this powerful prayer and today, they are going to go through the first half of the prayer.
  • Break the Lord’s Prayer into 6 parts with 6 different phrase cards/slides to depict each part of the prayer. Take out the Lord’s Prayer bag with the 6 visual cards inside.
  • Go through the first 3 parts only. Display each phrase card on the board. Take out the respective visual card and get a volunteer to come up to hold up the visual card that represents the part of the prayer, explain the phrase and get the children to read through each part with you, then display the visual card below the respective phrase card.           
  • Display the first 3 parts of the phrase cards in the classroom, where children can easily see, and get them to read through the first 3 cards again (do not display the other 3, as it is for the lesson next week).
  • Affirmation time! Ask the children some questions:
    – So, what does praying mean?
    – What should we not do when we pray?
    – What are the parts of the Lord’s prayer that you can remember?
  • Sing the Prayer Song with the kids (to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”):Jesus taught us how to pray,
    To God our Father everyday;
    Morning, noon, and night-time, too,
    We can pray and so can you.
    Yes, we can pray!  Yes, we can pray!
    Yes, we can pray; to God through-out the day.



Do a closing prayer with the children:
– Thank God for giving us Jesus and the Holy Spirit so we can easily talk to You now.
– Help us not to just pray long or pray loudly, but to pray with a heart that truly wants to hear You
and need You.
 – Thank You for teaching us how to pray through the Lord’s Prayer and give us the strength and
understanding to pray this way to You in all things.


The Lord’s Prayer tassel wall hanging:

  1. Each child will be given a strip of coloured paper and a slip of the first phrase in the Lord’s Prayer.
  2. They will read after you and paste the phrase strip onto the first strip of coloured paper.
  3. The next coloured strip (of a different colour) and a slip of the second phrase in the Lord’s prayer is given. Again, children read after you and paste it.
  4. The third coloured strip (of another colour) and a slip of the thirds phrase in the Lord’s prayer is given. Again, children read after you and paste it.
  5. Next, each child will be given a thin wooden stick. They will paste the 3 coloured strips with the phrases of the prayer around their stick, in order from sentence 1 to 3 of the Lord’s prayer.
  6. Leave it to dry in class and the next 3 strips of the prayer phrases will be pasted next lesson.
  7. Children leave the unfinished art piece in class and will take back their tassel wall hanging in the next lesson.

Take Home Sheet

This Week’s Sunday School…
Praying the Jesus Way!

We learnt that:

  • Good prayer is not about praying for long or praying out loudly.
  • Jesus taught us how to pray like the Lord’s Prayer!

Take Home Questions for the Kids:

  • What must we not do when we pray?
    (Answer: Show Off To Others or Pray Long Just To Make It Look Like A Good Prayer.)
  • Did Jesus’ disciples always know how to pray?
    (Answer: No, just like us, they are not sure how to pray too.)
  • What is the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples?
    (Answer: The Lord’s Prayer)
  • Can you remember the first 3 parts of the Lord’s Prayer?
    (Parents may recap and go through with your child over the week.)

Quote of the Week:

Prayer is about being true and honest about ourselves, building our relationship with God
and growing our love for others.

Miki Terayama

Miki is a ministry staff for The Blessed Run Ministries and serves in the Sunday School as well. She has worked as a preschool teacher for 5 years, and is trained in Early Childhood Education. She is currently residing with her husband, Randy, and her baby girl, Liora, in Singapore.

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