Gospel For Tots Lesson 6 : Praying The Jesus’ Way! (Part 2)

Gospel For Tots Lesson 6 : Praying The Jesus’ Way! (Part 2)

Praying The Jesus Way! (Part 2)

Learning Aims: 

  • What not to do when we are praying (reference from Jesus)
  • Learn about The Lord’s Prayer  (second half)

Verse for the Teacher:

Matthew 6: 5- 13


Verse for the Kids:

Matthew 6: 9-13 (ICB version)


Marbles, tissue box (cut in half), scotch tape, rectangle table (kids’ height), chart/slide of Lord’s prayer, the Lord’s Prayer bag with visual cards, the next 3 phrase cards for the Lord’s Prayer, 1 basket, BluTack/magnet, whiteboard markers, glue, wooden sticks, coloured paper strips of 3 different colours, printed paper strips of the next 3 phrases of the Lord’s Prayer, class bible.

Tuning In

  1. Play the Marble Run game. Explain to children that a marble will be placed on the table with a tilted box on the other end. The goal is for children to take turns blowing the marble (no hands!) to the end of the table and into the box.
  2. Make sure the table is not too long. Ensure the tilted box is firmly placed at the end of the table (can tape it down).
  3. All children must try at least once.
  4. At the end of the game, explain to children that our relationship with God is like the marble, and to get to the box, that is God. When we blow, it is like us praying. Once we stop praying, or we lose focus, Satan may move us away from reaching God. But we have to keep praying (keep blowing the marble) because that is the way to get closer to God and be protecting in Him.

Main Activity

  1. Sing the Prayer Song with the kids (to the tune of “Jesus Loves Me This I Know”): Jesus taught us how to pray,
    To God our Father everyday;
    Morning, noon, and night-time, too,
    We can pray and so can you.
    Yes, we can pray!  Yes, we can pray!
    Yes, we can pray; to God through-out the day.
  2. Recap: Ask the children what are the 2 things that Jesus told His students not to do when praying? (Answer: To show off or pray long just to make it seem like a good prayer)
  3. Display the chart/slide of the Lord’s Prayer for the children to see. Tell the children that we will continue to go through the Lord’s Prayer today. Recap the first 3 sentences of the Lord’s Prayer with the children, using the phrase and visual cards displayed in the class from last week. Get the children to read after you.Our Father in heaven, we pray that your name will always be kept holy.
    We pray that your kingdom will come.
    We pray that what you want will be done, here on earth as it is in heaven.
  4. Move on to the next 3 parts of the Lord’s Prayer by bringing out The Lord’s Prayer Bag with the visual cards inside. Explain each part of the prayer as you display the phrase and visual cards on the board. Get children to repeat each sentence as you go through.
  5. Display these 3 phrase and visual cards next to the first 3 cards from the previous lesson.
  6. Go through and get the children to read the entire 6 phrases after you.
  7. Matching revision: Take out all the visual cards from the phrase cards and place them in a basket.
  8. Get children to take turns, coming up to pick up a visual card and ask them what the visual cards mean, then get them to paste it on the matching phrase card (teacher to guide and explain when children are unsure).
  9. Activity ends when all the visual cards are correctly matched back to the phrase cards.
  10. Affirmation time! Ask the children some questions:
    – What does sin mean?
    – Do we have sins, children?
    – But has God forgiven us?
    – Who is the Evil One?
    – Who can protect us from the Evil One?
  11. Do a closing prayer with the children:
    – Thank You Lord, for teaching me how to pray rightly to You.
          – Thank You Lord, for knowing what I need and giving me all I have.
          – Thank You for knowing I have sins sometimes, but still forgiving me because of
            Your great love.
          – Help me to continue praying to You so that I do not get cheated by the Evil One
            in my life.


The Lord’s Prayer tassel wall hanging (continued):

1. Each child will be given a strip of coloured paper and a slip of the fourth phrase in the Lord’s Prayer.

2. They will read after you and paste the phrase strip onto the first strip of coloured paper.

3. The next coloured strip (of a different colour) and a slip of the fifth phrase in the Lord’s prayer is given. Again, children read after you and paste it.

4. The third coloured strip (of another colour) and a slip of the sixth phrase in the Lord’s prayer is given. Again, children read after you and paste it.

5. Next, each child will receive their wooden stick from last week with the first 3 strips pasted on it. They will paste the next 3 coloured strips with the phrases of the prayer around their stick, in order from sentence 4 to 6 of the Lord’s prayer.

6. Leave it to dry in class and children may take it home at the end of the day.

Miki Terayama

Miki is a ministry staff for The Blessed Run Ministries and serves in the Sunday School as well. She has worked as a preschool teacher for 5 years, and is trained in Early Childhood Education. She is currently residing with her husband, Randy, and her baby girl, Liora, in Singapore.

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