How Do You Look At The Faults Of Men?

How Do You Look At The Faults Of Men?

Pastor Vincent - 14 April 2018

How Do You Look At The Faults Of Men?

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How Do You Look At The Faults Of Men?

One of the common problem we face, as Christians, is that we cannot reconcile the faults of men with the gospel truths of God. More often than not, we place a lot of scrutiny and judgment on men, without understanding what God is teaching us through these faults. The Gospel does not merely help us judge right from wrong but to reconcile what has been wrongly committed, even if it is against us, to the Cross.

Verses to read:
<James 3:1-2, 9-10; Psalm 19:12-13; Philippians 1:9-10


* We humans by nature understand consequences and place our own moral judgments on the consequences of things.

* Yet in Christ:

  • Our moral judgment must succumb to and be perfected by the Truth of God.
  • We make judgment with the intention to build up, not to tear down.

* Think through now: How do you see the faults of men?

* Ask: Are you edified or tormented by your judgmental mind?

5 things which the faults of men tell us ⟹ Learn to Apply

1) There is no perfect man other than the God-Man Jesus.

⟹ Apply: Let us be brought closer to the perfect Man Jesus, and adore His ways

2) Be vigilant in discerning Truths

<Eph 5:15>: Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise.

⟹ Apply:  Be very careful about what we accept as the truth (Not the World, but the Word); But do not forsake good and credible teachings by renowned servants of God just because they may fumble in their ways.

3) Let us marvel at the fact that God can use any of us.

⟹ Apply:  Live with true Christian convictions. Do not shrink back just because of our inability or weaknesses.

4) Our knowledge and sanctification do have blindspots.

⟹ Apply:  Be brought to Humility in all our ways.

<Ps 19:12-13> Forgive my hidden faults. Keep your servant also from willful sins.

5) God has ordained the church to heal His people.

⟹ Apply: Forgive each other, and bear each other’s burden

* <Col 3:13>: Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. 

* <Gal 6:2>: Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.


  1. What usually makes you very angry and judgmental about men?
  2. Do you think its the problem of the mind (way of thinking) or heart (just feel controllable even though you understand that men are weak)?
  3. Does today’s message change your thinking and feeling about the faults of men? Why?
Pastor Vincent Choo Chi San

Vincent serves as the President of The Blessed RUN Ministries. He is also the Senior Pastor of The Life Church and Missions (Singapore) and is an ardent missionary to the Chinese World. He currently lives in Singapore with his wife, Qiufen, and has three kids, Mary, David, and Caleb.

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