The Blessed RUN team hopes to nourish your souls, strengthen your relationship with God, aid you in applying your Christian faith, and glorify God, through writings by our staff members and other guest contributors. Our articles will cover both theological topics as well as practical life issues we encounter in our faith journey. We pray that the Lord will speak to every reader through the articles He leads us to write.

5 Blessed Way To Use Your Feelings

Even for children of God who have known the truth of God for a long time, one of the biggest difficulty we face is the way we use our feelings. How then, should we use our feelings rightly?

How To Walk The Path Of Faith When You Cannot See?

Although sometimes God seems hidden and invisible to us in our faith journey, He has been working behind the scenes, and will ultimately fulfill His good will.

Why Is My Suffering Getting Worse?

Religion, ethics and morality only provide us with ways to relieve suffering on the human level, such as doing good and engaging in spiritual practice. But they cannot point us to eternal hope in our suffering. Only the Bible can help us to clearly understand sufferings and the answers within.

Excuse me? Excuse sins?

Though it is easy to mouth our apologies to others or God after we have sinned, we know deep in our hearts that there is a lot of rationalising taking place, which will leave room for future re-offending. Hence, it is important for us to know the loopholes where we tend to rationalise when it comes to sins.

Why Am I Not Joyful?

Have you ever asked yourself: Why are you not feeling joy in your life? Even as a believer and child of God, why am I still unable to be happy? Let us find out the truth behind our joy-blockers and how we can restore that God-given, spirit-filled happiness again.

Unsure or Afraid of God’s will?

Are you sometimes unsure of God’s will for your life? Or do you fear that God’s will may not be aligned to your heart’s desire? Let us find out how we can better examine, test and approve the will of God in our lives.

Where Is God In My Suffering?

Why would a good God allow sufferings in our lives? Why am I still in pain when I believe and follow God? Whether we are curious or in misery, let us restore our perspective and clear our doubts by seeking for answers of God’s love, faithfulness and purposes in our struggles, through His word.

Battling Satan, Guilt and Accusations

Satan’s accusations bring great harm to our lives. We must clearly know Satan and his work, so that we will know how to rely on the Lord and how to handle the accusations Satan gives our conscience.

Is There a Need for Regrets in Life?

Have you ever had regrets? Regret seems to be a common human emotion. Some people, having lived most of their lives, feel that they have not achieved anything in life and hence regret living their lives in vain. Some people after losing their health regret not taking good care of their bodies. Or some parents see themselves distancing from their children as they grow up and regret that they have not spent much time with them.  A world full of consequences is at the same time also filled with human…

Blessed Habits Bring About Blessed Fruits

A successful life is definitely not brought about by a one-time success. Similarly, a failed life is also not caused by a one-time failure. If we see a pianist playing a beautiful piece of music, the pianist must have a habit of practicing the piano daily; or a chef who cooked a delicious meal, it is related to his habit of cooking daily. If we see a blessed person, he must have some habits that would definitely cause him to be blessed. Example: Daniel had firm faith such that he…