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English Service

Our English Service aims to bring about a grounded belief in Christ through deep understanding of His Word. It sets the tone for Discipleship and World Evangelization for believers, equipping them thoroughly for good works in the last days. Our sermon carries a spirit that does not make the gospel easy, but helps believers comprehend true humility in the grace of Christ. As it is, the gospel is easy to the humble, and powerful to those who learn true grace.

We initially started the ministry with a small congregation for Emmanuel Youth Fellowship (EYF) where young English-speaking Christians or seekers below the age of 35 gathered for the word. But as of 2018, we have shifted to an English Service to deepen the congregation’s commitment and heart for worship. The English Service is open to English-speaking people of all ages.The weekly English Service messages are shared by Pastor Vincent and Preacher Hui Jun, with Deacon Hooi Ching or Deacon John taking over in their absence.


Preacher Huijun - 10 September 2015

Jesus' Calling And Our Response

All English Service

["Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people." At once they left their nets and followed Him.] Do you feel happy when God calls you? We're often very happy when we're called by VIPs and influential people in the world, but when God calls us, do we feel awesome and happy about it? Sadly, a lot of times, we don't, and perhaps, we look down on His calling too. Unless we know the nature of God's calling, we will not be able to respond correctly to it, and as a result, we lose a great deal of blessings He's prepared for us. Jesus called Peter at where he was - when he was a sinner, when he was fishing day in day out yet gaining no yield. His concern was on the tangible things which he deemed important. But as God called him, Peter was utterly broken because he saw how sinful he had been and how unworthy he was of the grace lavished on him freely. Being reclaimed by Jesus' love, he left everything and followed Jesus upon His call, because he had found God as all, what he had gotten was more than the good catch of fish. Jesus' calling of "follow me" was so captivating to him even though he had no idea how this calling would be fulfilled. Peter displayed a healthy fear in response to God's calling - a fear of knowing there's no other way but to follow God, hanging onto Him as if He's the only lifeline. Is such also our response to God's calling today? God wants us to be broken and humbled before Him, and thus need Him even more when we meet His holiness as He calls us, but how often do we complicate God's calling and our response to His call with our added emotions, pride and inadequacies, forgetting He is the One who seeks us proactively first, the One who surpasses all?

From Series: "All English Service"

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