Message: “The Path Of Success VS Failure” from Preacher Huijun

Message: “The Path Of Success VS Failure” from Preacher Huijun

Pastor Vincent - 17 October 2013

Beware Of The Influence Of Sin

Man often understand sin loosely. To many, sin is committing adultery, telling lies, taking drugs, murdering and more.. But sin is more than just the action of committing the wrong doings, it is the spiritual problem inside man that slowly creeps into us, without us knowing, that drives us away from the truth of God. It takes away our wanting to approach God fearlessly and stripping away our desire to come to Him. Sin is Satan's strongest weapon against evangelism. Because the moment you separate from the love of God, you lose the conviction in testifying for God. As a result, the world attracts you for it fulfills the desires inside you; the word gives you pressure and make you feel accused, for you know the truth but you cannot do it. Slowly, we are captured by fear than love. One day, we even lose the ability to love self and others. In fact, the most frightening thing in this world is not sinning but the unconsciousness of sins. It is through regeneration in Christ (born again) that one comes to realize the depth of our sins and the immense power of the finished work on the cross. If you want to overcome sin, you have to become a new person, born again in Christ. With a new life, there will be birth of new desire - and that is to seek God always and pursue Holy Living. Come to Lord and tell Him about your sins. Taste the sweetness of repentance today and leave Satan with no room in your heart to accuse you and toy your emotions. For Satan drives you away from God using the sins, God is still loving you and waiting for you to return, just like the prodigal son. Those forgiven much, love much. A person who has tasted the immense depth of God's love will hate sins and yearn to be in sync with God and testify for Him.

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