Message: “The Path Of Success VS Failure” from Preacher Huijun

Message: “The Path Of Success VS Failure” from Preacher Huijun

Pastor Vincent - 31 October 2013

The Undeserved Became The Deserving

All English Service

Why the Gibeonites, the cursed and undeserved group eventually became deserving? Because they had come to Israelites, with fear, humility and trembling knowing that Israelite's God is truly the one and only God. We often use our judgment to perceive others, thinking that they will never understand what you believe. But the Word says share the gospel to the ends of the world, for the deserving ones will respond. Have you become the stumbling block of gospel? Blessed are you who can listen and believe in the gospel, for your salvation is purely by grace of God. One who has received much, will share abundantly of the good news he receives, and he will also realize that the purpose in life is none other than world evangelism. We have heard the truths many times. We have heard sermons after sermons in church and from the website. However, if one does not intentionally seek out the person of Christ of what he has heard through prayers with God, it will not give birth to the right spirit. May the Lord restore the right spirit inside us as we seek Him in our prayers, nailing our pride, worldly and convenient thinking on the cross repeatedly. May His heartbeat becomes ours.

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