Penang Seminars
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Penang Seminars

Ministering to Christ Life Church of Penang (CLCP) has been an important part of Pastor Vincent’s ministry. Pastor Sarah, who is currently shepherding CLCP, is also one of Pastor Vincent’s closest co-workers. They are both devoted to the teaching of the full gospel and raising up of the new generation for God’s Kingdom.

Pastor Vincent ministers to CLCP with all kinds of exhortation, and with great patience and dedication, so that he may present everyone in CLCP beautiful to the Lord. A collection of his preaching in Penang can be found below.


Pastor Vincent - 16 November 2013

Why Are We Turning Lukewarm So Easily?

f we discover the hidden disblief in our subconscious mind that subtly causes lukewarmness in the spirit, through godly sorrow, you will restore spiritual fervor. There are a few reasons why people remain lukewarm. But at the place where you are lukewarm, you need to hear God speak. Once you see the true love of God, you will then have true transformation by living for the kingdom. We must not look down on those who are lukewarm. God is more zealous in restoring them. Love them and give timely correction. Influence them with your spiritual fervor.

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