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Penang Seminars

Ministering to Christ Life Church of Penang (CLCP) has been an important part of Pastor Vincent’s ministry. Pastor Sarah, who is currently shepherding CLCP, is also one of Pastor Vincent’s closest co-workers. They are both devoted to the teaching of the full gospel and raising up of the new generation for God’s Kingdom.

Pastor Vincent ministers to CLCP with all kinds of exhortation, and with great patience and dedication, so that he may present everyone in CLCP beautiful to the Lord. A collection of his preaching in Penang can be found below.


Pastor Vincent - 22 May 2009

Gospel Message 5: Conversing with God

In simple terms, what is meant by born again means a person receives the key to conversing with God from a state of inability to converse with God. Therefore, prayer is the beginning of Christian living and more so, the whole content of it. By looking at the prayer contents and the experiences of receiving answers of a believer, we can know the level of the growth of his life. Therefore, prayer is the most accurate barometer for measuring sanctification. Moreover, it is only through prayer that we can enjoy God’s entire mysteries and blessings. Therefore, we can know the future of a person by looking at his prayer. We can say that success in prayer is the success of everything, and on the other hand, failure in prayer is the failure of everything.

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