Gospel Short Clips are cutouts from EYF messages, The Blessed RUN Conference messages, and include creative works, catered towards the young generation, from teenagers to young working adults. It helps capture the main ideas and concepts of a grounded belief in Christ through deep understanding of His Word. It sets the tone for Discipleship and World Evangelization for the young generation, equipping them thoroughly for good works in the last days.

The Gospel Short Clips carries a spirit of practically doing outreach through social media, and at the same time, helping youngsters comprehend how obeying the Will of the Lord enables true humility so that the Grace of Christ comes upon them always. As it is, the gospel that is practical and down-to-earth is easy to the humble, and powerful to those who learn true grace.

Gospel Short Clips are currently served by a team of youths having the fervor of Christ.


Pastor Vincent - 19 March 2015

Obstacles To Seeking The Lord

Oftentimes, we fall short of what is required of us when seeking the Lord. Here, we examine three common obstacles that most people face: 1. Things and desires of this world (1 Jn 2:15-17) Are we loving the world rather than loving the Father? The love for the world is a void that can never be filled, with old desires quickly giving way to new ones. It distracts us from seeking the only true satisfaction for our soul - the love for the Lord. 2. A spiritual veil (2 Cor 3). Are we allowing the legalistic nature of religion to obstruct our understanding of the Spirit? When we treat the Gospel simply as a set of theological teachings, doctrinal laws, or historical facts, we might blind ourselves to the presence of the Lord, who is alive and always with us. 3. Our own thoughts and ways (Rom 2). Are we relying on our own thoughts and ways rather than relying on God? Self-centeredness can lead to pride, jealousy and can damage relationships. In dealing with your problems, seek the Lord first rather than relying on yourself to lead a God-centered life. Seeking the Lord requires us to re-examine re-order the priorities in our lives - by His grace we are able work out our salvation.

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