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Gospel Short Clips are cutouts from EYF messages, The Blessed RUN Conference messages, and include creative works, catered towards the young generation, from teenagers to young working adults. It helps capture the main ideas and concepts of a grounded belief in Christ through deep understanding of His Word. It sets the tone for Discipleship and World Evangelization for the young generation, equipping them thoroughly for good works in the last days.

The Gospel Short Clips carries a spirit of practically doing outreach through social media, and at the same time, helping youngsters comprehend how obeying the Will of the Lord enables true humility so that the Grace of Christ comes upon them always. As it is, the gospel that is practical and down-to-earth is easy to the humble, and powerful to those who learn true grace.

Gospel Short Clips are currently served by a team of youths having the fervor of Christ.


Pastor Vincent - 17 September 2015

Why Did God Allow Sufferings Upon Job?

Although Job was a righteous and blameless man, God allowed sufferings on him, so that he could see the full measure of God’s grace. Job was fearful of God, and remained righteous because of his fear. Through his sufferings, Job saw that his salvation did not lie in his righteousness alone, but in the grace of God. Have you seen God’s grace in your sufferings?

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