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TBR Conference

The Blessed RUN Conference is an annual conference that started with the vision to gather remnants from all over the world to hear full gospel messages. The Conference seeks to lead these remnants to receive the filling of the Holy Spirit to go back to their fields as witnesses of Christ. The Conference perfectly inherits the promise given by our Lord Jesus Christ before His ascension, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses…to the ends of the World.”


In 2012, the Holy Spirit moved both Pastor Vincent from Singapore and Pastor Sarah from Penang to start the Inaugural Remnant Conference (this was subsequently renamed to “The Blessed RUN Conference” in 2016). The first Conference was held in Penang, and bore the theme of “Raising the Joseph and Daniel of this Era”.


In its second year (2013), the Conference attracted participants from Singapore, Malaysia, China, and even as far as the United States, coming to be “Trained to be Strong in the Grace of Christ”.


We urge you to listen to these life-transforming messages and experience a genuine change in your Christian walk with God. We also welcome your participation in this yearly event which will be held every mid-July in Malaysia (Penang). Interested participants can give early notification by emailing:


Pastor Vincent - 26 November 2016

Is It Wrong To Want To Feel Good?

We tend to legitimise our feelings and want to protect them. Yet, because of the sinful and imperfect world we are in, there is no way to protect the feelings of some without hurting others. Or in some cases, in order to protect others' feelings, we dare not tell them the truth, thus they cannot be strengthened to face reality. There is nothing wrong to want to feel good. Yet, there are times when we need to feel not good, such as when there is danger or when our loved ones are far from the gospel. Some people want to feel good so much that they suppress any bad feeling, but the paradox is, if we are over-concerned about feeling good, we will eventually become feelingless. While it is not wrong to want to feel good, it would be wrong if we shut our spiritual mechanism whenever we do not feel good. We must not reduce ourselves simply to feelings, as we are each a glorious personality created by God.

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