Gospel For Tots Lesson 7 : Knowing Heaven And Hell (Part 1)

Gospel For Tots Lesson 7 : Knowing Heaven And Hell (Part 1)

Knowing Heaven and Hell (Part 1)


Learning Aims: 

  • Knowing what is Heaven (as described in the Bible)
  • Learn about whom Heaven is prepared for

Verse for the Teacher:

John 14: 2; Revelation 21 : 4 – 7; Revelation 21 : 9 – 27

Verse for the Kids:

1 Corinthians 2 : 9

“No one has ever seen this. No one has ever heard about it. No one has ever imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.”


12 cloud cutouts, packet of marshmellow, packet of fruit loops, class bible, picture of John, flash cards/ slideshow of John’s description of heaven, picture of Thomas and Jesus, BluTack, 12 castle cutouts, pack of cotton wool, glue sticks, bible verse paper strips of John 14:6, colour pencils/ crayons.

Tuning In

  1. Get the children to sit at the table.

  2. Give out a cloud shaped cutout to the children.

  3. Tell children that today, they are going to learn about this word, Heaven.

  4. Ask the children if they know what heaven is (wait for their responses).

  5. Now, give each child 2 marshmallows and 5 colourful fruit loops to place on their cloud shaped cutouts.

  6. Tell the children that we will not live in this world forever, one day we will grow old and leave this world. During then, there is only 2 possible places that we can go. One place is called Heaven, and the other place is called Hell.

  7. Heaven is actually a beautiful place where God and Jesus live in. Daddy God has also prepared Heaven for those He loves.
    – Explain that the white marshmallows are just like the fluffy clouds in Heaven.
    – The fruit loops are like the beautiful colours that await us in Heaven.

  8. Allow the children to eat the marshmallows and fruit loops. Ask the children:
    – Do you want to go to Heaven?
    – Where is Heaven (is it in Singapore, near your house)?
    – Who lives there?
    – How can you get there (by bus, taxi, aeroplane)?

  9. Tell children that there are many things we do not know about heaven, but there is a place where we can find some answers about what is Heaven and how we can get there. Where can we find the answer? In the Bible!

Main Activity

  1. Move the children from the table to be seated on the floor. Ask them to leave their cloud cutouts on the table for an activity later.

  2. Write the word “Heaven” on the whiteboard.

  3. Get a volunteer to bring the class bible to you. Tell children that the Bible, God’s special book, gives us some ideas of what Heaven looks like and who can go there.

  4. Read 1 Corinthians 2 : 9 (ICB version) “No one has ever seen this. No one has ever heard about it. No one has ever imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him.” Tell children that Heaven is a place that God has made for those who believes in Him and loves Him.

  5. Show them a picture of John, one of Jesus’ students, and explain that in the bible,  God showed John through a dream of what Heaven looks like.

  6. Flash images of John’s description of Heaven and explain to the children:
    – One of the angels said: “Come with me.”
    – He was carried to a very large and high mountain, shining with the glory of God.
    – City had 12 pearl gates and 12 angels.
    – Walls of the city are made of 12 foundation stones that had different kinds of jewels on them.
    – The streets are made of pure shiny gold.
    – No need for sun or moon because God’s glory was so shiny. There is no night.
    – There will be no more death, sadness, crying or pain. All the old ways are gone.
    – Nothing unclean will enter the city of heaven.
    – Only those whose name is written in the Book Of Life can enter the gates of heaven.

  7. Affirm with the children that God’s Heaven is truly a beautiful place that we all want to be in after we leave this world. But is Heaven for everyone? Repeat the last line from John’s description to the children: “Only those whose name is written in the Book Of Life can enter the gates of heaven.”

  8. Ask children: How can I get my name to be written in the Book Of Life? Can I just take a pen and write? Where can I find this book?

  9. Show children a picture of Thomas, one of Jesus’ students, along with Jesus. Explain to them that Thomas was also unsure, so he asked Jesus, God’s son: “How can we know the way?” Jesus replied: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can get to Father God, except through me.” Why did Jesus use the word ‘except’? Because it means that God has provided no other ways to save us, but only through Jesus, the sin-less man, can we be saved! The sinless one saved the sinful men, like you and me. Only if we believe that Jesus is the ONLY way to heaven, accept Him into our hearts to be our Lord and Saviour, then will we be able to meet God in the gates of heaven one day.

  10. Confirm with children again that it is not about being good boys and good girls, doing a lot of nice and obedient things, studying well or being very clever. It is only when we believe in Jesus Christ, believe in God’s bible and live our life for God, then will we have our names in the Book Of Life, because God prepared Heaven for those whom He loves and loves Him.

  11. Affirmation time! Ask the children some questions:
    – Who lives in Heaven?
    – What does Heaven look like?
    – How can I get to Heaven?

  12. Sing the song, One Way God Said To Get To Heaven, with the children (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VScsj3_qUIo):
    One way God said to get to Heaven
    Jesus is the Only way
    One way to get to pearly mansions
    Jesus is the Only Way
    No other way, No other way
    No other way to go, oh, oh, oh
    One way God said to get to Heaven
    You must come the Jesus way!

  13. Do a closing prayer with the children:
    – Thank You Lord, for letting me know your wonderful place called Heaven. Lord, we pray that we might truly believe in You, Your son and live our life for You so that one day, when we reach the gates of Heaven, You will welcome us to join in your Heavenly party.


“Heaven is my home” craft activity:

  • Get the children to go back to the table. Give out the castle cutout for them to colour. Once done, paste the coloured castle on the middle top area of their cloud cutout from the Tuning In activity.
  • Give out cotton wool and glue for them to stick the wool to fill up their cloud cutout.
  • Finally, give out the slip of Bible Verse strip from John 14 : 6 for them to stick below the cloud.
  • Leave it to dry and children may bring it home at the end of the day.
Miki Terayama

Miki is a ministry staff for The Blessed Run Ministries and serves in the Sunday School as well. She has worked as a preschool teacher for 5 years, and is trained in Early Childhood Education. She is currently residing with her husband, Randy, and her baby girl, Liora, in Singapore.

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