The Blessed RUN team hopes to nourish your souls, strengthen your relationship with God, aid you in applying your Christian faith, and glorify God, through writings by our staff members and other guest contributors. Our articles will cover both theological topics as well as practical life issues we encounter in our faith journey. We pray that the Lord will speak to every reader through the articles He leads us to write.

Latest Articles
  • Do Not Be Stumbled By Your Needs But Be Blessed Through Them

    What are our true needs? Perhaps our problem is not limited to what we currently need, but our lives that are distant from God and being self-driven. Let us come before our Giver and receive blessings


  • The Loneliness Or Busyness Faced During The Holiday Festive Season

    Are you or people around you drowning in loneliness or busyness during the holiday season? God has destined these special days to be filled with His godly purpose. Let us find out how to glorify Him t


  • Don’t Trust Your Intuition, Trust The Cross

    Just as God’s love is counterintuitive, the way into the salvific blessings of His love is also counterintuitive. As is the case for many blessed ones in the Bible, God also calls for our counterintui


  • Singlehood: From Misery to Glory

    There is no need to feel less worthy or happy just because you are single. Your singlehood can be turned from misery into glory, because Christ loves you, and your worth and purpose is rooted in Him.


  • Conquering Distractions

    Distractions can be annoying, yet, also alluring. Our sinful nature seeks distractions, and the devil always tries to distract us from seeking God and doing His will. So how can we conquer ungodly dis


  • We Are All ‘Addicts’!

    Addiction, be it in the overt or covert forms, is something everyone needs to grapple with. Only with the grace of God, and the power of the gospel, can we gradually find breakthroughs in this battle